Who Inspires Me?

Below is a list of books, authors, and educators that have shaped my teaching practice and my trajectory as human. If you find any of these resources helpful in your own life, I would love the opportunity to collaborate with you. Change starts from a single individual. 

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YoU Are Here

Three years ago I took a course through Mindful Schools called Mindfulness Fundamentals. A friend of mine recognized the positive change mindfulness was having in my life and gave the book "you are here" to me as a gift. This book has become a grounding force in my life. I have used this book to create artwork, navigate difficult situations, and cultivate peace within myself. 

In addition, I have begun using mindfulness as a tool for teaching self-awareness with my middle school classes. Students often ask for a mindful-minute when they feel the world around them is too loud or stressful. 

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The Art of Critical Pedagogy

This text was introduced to me in my Teaching For Diversity and Social Justice course while pursuing my Masters Degree at the University of San Francisco. I had the privilege of seeing Jeffery Duncan-Andrade speak. His passion for using the students' disenfranchised educational situations as motivation for learning shaped my hopes for the direction of education in the United States. He taught me that students are products of their environments and that as educators it is our responsibility to leverage their experiences for educational gains, rather than judge. 

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Radical Equations

Robert Moses recognizes that math literacy, specifically algebra, is gatekeeper in education. His vision and passion for teaching math inspires the kind of middle school math teacher I want to be. Not all students are given the same access to education. The Algebra Project was a response to this, started by Moses, a parent-volunteer, he aims to advance the math education of students who may not otherwise have equitable access to education.