Made by 6A science class students ~ 2017

Made by 6A science class students ~ 2017

What is The Water Bottle Club ? 

The Water Bottle Club is a year-long theme that connects our math and science classes to the reality that many of my students drink from water bottles due to lack of clean tap water. Our learning goals are in support of United Nations Sustainability Development Goal No. 6, access to clean water and sanitation.

Example project on percentages of the world without access to clear water.


Example collaborative math task. 


List Of Related Water Bottle Club topics

- Ratio of volume of water: Students can convert unit of liters, milliliters, cubic centimeters
- Science skill: Students can identify which tools and units to use when measuring water at different temperatures
- Experiment Skills: Student investigate which materials insulate water temperature better?
- Cost of water bottles from Hydro Flask: Students calculate the unit rate for each size of Hydroflask water bottle available
- Natural Resources: Students compare drinking water accessibility in different countries
-Statistics: Collect data on how many plastic water bottles are used by 7th and 8th grade students
- Sense of belonging in middle school: Students feel they belong because they have a shared, unique set of learning tasks


In addition to being the bridge between our math and science classes, students were able to design a unit of study in collaboration with their Design Technology (D.T.) class. The students will be using recycled water bottles to make items that can be sold. The proceeds will go to an organization that is helping to eliminate plastic waste. 

Helpful Resources

-The story of stuff website has created videos to teach students about the realities of many water bottle companies: