I completed a course through the Institute for Humane Education and feel a strong sense of responsibility for what happens to our plant and all the beings on it -- so much so that I was inspired to write a poem and create a list to 10 ways to give more sustainable holiday gifts in 2017.

Before you get holiday gift -- giving; 
Can you take a moment to think about all that is living?

Our presents use plastic, and paper, and bows; 
But where all our stuff comes from, who really knows?

In fact, there are people just like you; 
Who live a life committed to investigating the glue--
The glue that connects us all to each other; 
For this is our planet, and she is our mother.

Consumerism is thriving. 
And over-population is rising. 
Children live without access to clean air or fresh water; 
How would you make a change if this was your son or your daughter?

Animals mistreated;
While millions are cheated; 
Out of healthy lives they deserve; 
Our presents responsible for pain they’ve incurred.

Our earth is not infinite with the way we are acting;
So help me spread the word about positively impacting.

I’ve made a list of 10 items that can help you learn more. 
Please take a minute to read; I promise it won’t be a bore!

The best way to spread -- holiday cheer, 
Is by giving sustainable gifts this 2017 year.