The Winning 2017 Student Antarctica Day Flags


 Antarctica Day

Started by the non-profit organization OurSpaces, Antarctica Day is celebrated every year on December 1st, by students and scientists all over the world. Antarctica Day was created in response to 50 year signing of the Antarctic Treaty.  


Making Flags

Each year students from around the world make flags for Antarctica, as there is no official national flag. The flags are sent digitally to scientists and graduate students who are working in Antarctica. Pictures are taken with the flags and sent back to the classroom they originated in. 

Antartica Day.PNG

Celebrating Antarctica

A book was created by students to explains each of the 14 article of the Antarctic Treaty. The book has been translated into 22 languages. I had my students translate the book from English into Latvian and Russian. 

Get Involved

Antarctica Day was created to educate future generations about protecting this international land. If you want to learn more, check out OurSpaces website: